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Common Business Mistakes Agents Make

As a manager of a Real Estate office, I encounter many agents and we spend a lot of time talking about their businesses and plans. I see a lot of the same mistakes over and over.  Here are the top 3 mistakes agents make.

Not being intentional with your strategy

All agents tell me that they want to grow and my question to them is “how?”.   There are a lot of ways to “grow” and you can’t do it all. So do you want to do more transactions next year? Do you want to win a sales award?  Do you want to expand your footprint? Or is there a certain dollar amount that you want to bring home? Or do you want to build a team?  All of these are good goals, but the same strategy will not work for all of them.  As a sales manager, I can help you develop a strategy to fit any goal, but you first have to decide what your ultimate goal is for your business.  From there designing a strategy becomes much easier.

Not leveraging technology and not going old school

You don’t have to be one or the other. The top agents use a combination of methods to build their businesses.  We all know the importance of leveraging social media, digital marketing, and having a well-organized CRM.  These have resulted in a fundamental shift in many industries and ours is one of them.  All upcoming agents will tell you that it is imperative that you master them and build a strong digital presence.  Many agents discount some of the old school methods because they don’t seem cool, hip, sick, or insert the latest adjective that gen Z is using #Iamgettingold.  In fact, here are some you should embrace. One, always ask for referrals. ALWAYS!!  Two, give a closing gift. It does not have be elaborate or expensive. Something small will show your gratitude and it may make you more memorable.  Three, yard signage.  People are always interested in what is happening in their community and once they see your name popping up on a few homes, your name will be at the top of their list.  Four, community involvement.  This can be volunteering at a local school, attending the PTA meeting or sponsoring a t-ball team.  These are all ways to network and get to know people. And we are in a people business.

Expecting business to come to you

There is no magic wand. Business will not just magically appear once you have your license.   But the good news is that real estate is not rocket science.   Going into the office, calling your prospects (yes, you have to pick up the phone), staying engaged with your sphere on social media, and providing meaningful content to your contacts (other than just buying or selling).   Sounds easy… umm not so much.   Content is HARD! Take advantage of free resources. There are so many out there and here are just a few.