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The real estate market has been getting a lot of media attention because values have been on the rise nationwide. It is no different here in Campbell County.   Getting ready to sell your house requires more than adding a sign in the yard and posting it online, especially if you want to maximize your sale price.  The process of deciding what needs to be done can be overwhelming to some sellers.    Here are my top 3 suggestions that make the most difference for potential buyers looking at your home:   


Most real estate agents agree that it’s best for potential buyers to see your house with as much open space as possible. We want buyers to be able to imagine the house as their home.  We want your beautiful countertops to show, not covered up with appliances that you use once a month (I see you over there fancy stand mixer!).   

While other real estate agents will tell you to “declutter”, I like to tell my clients to think of it as “pre-packing.”  I know you will live in the house while you are selling it; I want you to be comfortable and have all the conveniences that you are used to.  Thinking about de-cluttering as pre-packing can make it easier to decide what to clear away.   

  • Pre-pack anything you don’t use often and can live without for a short period of time.   
  • If you are selling in the spring:  pre-pack fall and winter clothes, seasonal holiday decorations, and kitchen gadgets that you only use a few times a month.  
  • Consider getting a small inexpensive storage unit to store things while you are going through the selling phase. This also will help reduce the stress and rush of moving when you hand over the keys on a deadline.


Deep cleaning makes your home look its best!  This helps the buyers feel comfortable in the house and allows them to see the finishes, not the dust.  Some sellers choose to hire a cleaning service right before showings begin, but you can also roll up your sleeves and get it done on your own. The extra shine and newfound space will help paint a wonderful picture to buyers.  

  • Clean out the kitchen cabinets, pantry and refrigerator. Make sure to get rid of the expired items and vacuum up the crumbs. Wipe all counters, fixtures, and appliances.  
  • Wipe down the baseboards throughout the entire house and clean the carpets.   
  • In the bathroom, clean all fixtures, shower/bath, toilet, and floor. Don’t forget to clean out the bathroom closets and cabinets.    


You don’t have to go crazy, but a few touch ups make a big difference.   Let’s make sure we have the grass cut, fresh mulch and if possible, a few colorful planters next to the front door.  This makes all the difference in photos and creates a wonderful first impression when buyers pull up to your home.

Diving in and putting in a little elbow grease pays off and results in higher offers on your home. Especially in this seller’s market, your home will most likely sell quickly. Good luck with your move!