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Ready to Renovate? These 5 Simple Projects Will Make the Biggest Impact

One thing that real estate agents get asked about often is home renovations, and more specifically, which ones supply the biggest return. Renovations can be extremely stressful, time-consuming, and expensive, so it’s an important question to consider before launching into any project.

Before tackling a project, consider two things:
1. Do I live in the area I want to be in?
2. Is the house the right size or will we soon need something bigger or smaller?

With rising material costs, delayed manufacturing, and unpredictable shipping dates adding an added layer of complication to planning a renovation, moving may be a more cost-effective way if you are not in the area you want to be, or your home is not the right size for you.
In NKY, the average sales price of homes is still on the rise so while a full renovation might not make sense, here are 5 budget friendly renovations that will make aa substantial impact for you and any future buyers.

A New Front Door
Adding a new front door sets the tone of your house. So, making changes here can have a significant impact on the way your home feels. It can be a statement and make your house stand out. If you can’t install a new front door, consider painting it a distinct color.

Creating an office
Do you have a formal living or dining room that never gets used? Closing the space off with some glass doors is an effortless way to create an office. With so many people working from home, the minor investment will add a lot of value to future buyers. If you are currently working from home, you know it can get hard to walk away and stop working at 5. A dedicated space gives you the chance to close the doors at the end of the day and take a break.

Adding a Deck
A deck will not only add value but transform your outdoor space. It is a beautiful addition and will give you a place to relax and expand how much you use your yard.

Minor Kitchen upgrades
Kitchen renovations can get Expensive! With a small budget it is possible to change the feel of your kitchen. Here are a few budget-friendly and high impact options: installing new backsplash, adding new light fixtures, changing out the cabinet hardware, or painting your cabinets.

New paint
Painting a room will hide any wear on your walls and trim. Lighter colors will also make the rooms feel larger and brighter. This all translates to your home feeling more welcoming while also adding value.