ChangeReal Estate January 18, 2021

Here Goes Nothing! Making a Big Change and Jumping into Real Estate

Here Goes Nothing

For those of you who don’t know me, I started my career in real estate right out of college in 2008.  This was a TERRIBLE time to jump in but I did it anyway because I knew that was where I was meant to be.   After a year of dealing with constant foreclosures, working 3 jobs, and thinking I had made a horrible decision, I decided to move to a local new construction home builder.  Working there turned my whole career around.   I learned how to sell, the value of not filling silence (you learn so much when you let your clients think and speak, who knew 😉 ),  and how to work on a team.   After a few years, I had become financially stable but was getting burned out on the long hours.   I had also just gotten married to my wonderful husband and we had started to talk about having a baby.  Suddenly I was very overwhelmed. Continuing on at the same pace seemed impossible with a newborn, so at that point I made the decision to look for another job outside of the industry I loved.

After a few months, an opportunity came along.  I took a sales job at a wire and cable manufacture….sounds fun right… or not… I quickly moved into Sales Operations and then on to manage the team.   I survived an acquisition and then moved to key account management.   It ended up being FUN! And I learned so much!  I also by then had my 2 boys.   We were stable and everything was going well.  I was set on staying put for the rest of my career.  But I still had this voice in my head saying “real estate.  Real Estate. REAL ESTATE!!!!”  And I was pretty good at ignoring it for a long time.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit and working from home was going really well for me. I had some free time and I decided to get my real estate license.  My plan was just do it as a side hustle to satisfy the voice in my head.  I felt so good and content with that decision!!  Fate had a different plan for me and it came in the form of a LinkedIn post.  It prompted and email which turned into a job interview.  And before I knew it, I was accepting a position in an industry that I missed!  I was still terrified, don’t forget there was still a pandemic going on.  Was I really going to leave a stable job to jump back in to real estate????  YUP and here I am!!   I couldn’t be more thankful for my husband who encouraged me to do it. I am sure he was nervous too.

But I am so excited and here goes nothing!