DesignersDYIHome Design January 18, 2021

My Fav 5 – Designers to follow on Instagram

Instagram for me is all about my interests!   I also love the access you get to people that you would never be able to connect with.  For me they fall in 3 categories: design, food, and humor (if you have kids, you NEED to follow “The Dad”,  but more on that in another post).

Here are my favorite 5 Instagram accounts around home design!  I have some many of their posts saved for when the day comes that I get to build a house… My husband still groans when I send him a picture of a kitchen that is out of our price range… a girl can dream!!


#1 Vivir Design

It was almost impossible to pick just one image.  They are all just so good.

So pretty.  She also uses so many unusual colors.  A great change of pace.


Primarily based out of Leicestershire & London and they focus on simple furniture.


#5 Bathrooms of Insta

I know they aren’t exactly a designer but they find the best of the best. Beautiful pictures and amazing before and after’s which will give you some serious inspiration!